Hi, as you may have already guessed, my name is Samantha. (Well, Sam. Only my mum called me Samantha lol) I have always been interested in photography/taking photos. But i didnt buy my first DSLR until 2010. And it wasn't until 2014 that i took it into manual and realised all the neat things i could do!

I started off editing photos as i just love it, taking a plain image and making it something nice to look at is a great feeling. But it wasnt until this year (2015) that i realised that my canon EOS 500D wasnt focusing right, and probably never had done, as i never seemed to get sharp images, and they were always dull and had alot of noise. So i have recently upgraded to a canon EOS 70D. And wow! What a difference!

Now that i have a new camera, i will be focusing on my own photos instead of other peoples. I found that although i love editing photos, editing other peoples can be very restricting and i couldn't let myself go and do what i wanted with an image. I can even get bored editing my own photos, that's when i go a little over the top with the editing, and i end up with some crazy images...See the All The Rest gallery.

So i am still trying to find my style, and i know this could take a long time. But i adore trees, and of course this is the home of The Lonely Bear Collection as well.

Lonely Bear came about as i am not a very good landscape photographer, and i don't know any models lol. But i have always wanted something else in a photo. Lonely Bear was my mums teddy bear, i have no idea where she got him from, or how long she had him before she passed away. He has sat on a shelf in my room for the past few years. And one day when i was thinking hard about where i wanted to go with my photography, and feeling a bit lost with it all, i looked around the room trying to get ideas. And when i spotted him, i just new he was the one i wanted to do it with. Then ideas were popping in my head like mad, and i started getting excited about photography again. 

So here i am still learning, and still loving it!

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as i did taking them!


Fast forward a few years....And i havn't picked up a camera in a year now! This isn't a bad thing though. I felt i was being restricted with photography, it had to be the right time of day, the right light, i didn't have any models, i couldn't find the right scenery or background.....So thats when i found 3D art! And oh my i love it! I have no restrictions really and i can do it all in the comfort of my own home. So the photography has gone, although i will keep a few images on the website along with Lonely Bear. But i really hope you like the new me as an artist and follow me as i find my style :)